What Makes a GREAT Real Estate Agent?

August 07, 2021

How do you decide on a real estate agent? What should my real estate agent do for me? What should I list my house for? Who is the best in Sheridan?

What makes a GREAT Real Estate Agent?

This is one of the biggest decisions that you can make, who is going to help you sell the home you have spent so much time in or buy the place you will make memories that will last forever? You want this person to know what they are doing, but how do you know they are going to do your home justice?

An Average Real Estate Agent should automatically complete the following, otherwise you should negotiate a lower commission; you can use the following graphic to see a breakdown of commission and services provided.  

Provide a Comparative Market Analysis

            Your agent should have a comparative market analysis (CMA) upon visiting with you to discuss your listing or shortly after if details of the house have not been discussed. A CMA is a report that provides recent sold and active listings of comparable houses in the area.  It’s important that the comparable report is recent and in the same area so you can know the market conditions of where your home is located. This will help to provide an appropriate listing price for the home; you can increase or decrease based on features of your house. 

Attract and Screen Qualified Buyers

There are multiple ways to attract buyers, the standard is to place on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This will also make sure that your listing will show up on websites such as Zillow & Realtor. Check out previous listings the agent has listed, make sure there is a complete, unique description with professional photos. Ask your Agent what other advertising they offer. 

The agent should talk to other buyers agents and potential buyers to gauge interest and how serious they are.  As well as asking questions or asking for pre-qualification letters to determine if financing is going to be an issue. These determinations should be made prior to showing the property. 

Streamline Showings

Your agent should know who is showing the house, what times and be present when needed. If your Agent cannot personally be present they should coordinate for a member of their team to be there.  A lockbox is commonly used to help facilitate scheduling when you are not home or if the house is vacant and only given to trusted agents. The Agent should also work with you to make sure they are aware of a acceptable schedule to show the home and not and how to communicate with you when a showing is going to happen. 

Sell in a Reasonable Time Frame

Although this can vary significantly based on the home as well as the current market. You should be given a estimated time frame from your Agent on how quickly the house can expect to have an offer.  It can be as little as one day in a sellers market and as long as a year.  

Negotiate, Manage Paperwork & Present Offers

Your Agent is legally bound to present all offers to you even if it is something “unacceptable.”  It is also their job to help organize the offers, walk you through the next steps in accepting, countering or rejecting an offer.  An Agent is here to work for you and get you the best price for your home while making the selling process as enjoyable and easy for you as possible. 

Additional Skills Excellent Agents Provide

The best agents go above and beyond for all their clients. These things include understanding new technology and incorporating it into the selling process. This includes using social media to promote your listing as well as online contract signings and even Bluetooth controlled lockboxes. Virtual tours and videography has also become an important trend in real estate that can be right for your home to help attract buyers. Agents will often have a list of database of previous buyers as well as interested buyers that they can contact, even possibly before putting it on the market. 

            Open Communication is essential for an exceptional Agent; it is important that you as the client understand the process and stay informed throughout.   Local market knowledge is another important factor  so they can highlight the features of the home an area.   

            In today’s market social media marketing is key!  The top agents have a strong social media presence; the days of just placing a sign in the yard is no more.  Make sure to research an Agent and make sure they are going to get your listing the attention it deserves!  

Why Choose a Top Agent from United Country Red River Properties?

United Country Red River Properties is based out of East End, Arkansas, close to Sheridan and Little Rock. My name is Jourdan Quinn, Andrew (Broker) and I have been married for 10 years.  Forgive me as this is my first time trying to write a blog.  But I felt it was important clients truly understand what makes a great Agent. I recently obtained my Real Estate Agent license, when Andy said he wanted to open a local Real Estate Company in the area, that we can hopefully pass to our children.  I have always had a passion for homes; building, designing and in general touring and learning about them.  I have always loved helping people and have worked for the last 10 years in the nursing field. I currently work as a Nurse Practitioner in Little Rock part time providing aesthetic and functional medicine services to clients. Working with other Agents and starting from scratch in opening Red River Properties I have learned what it takes to become a great Agent, as well as talking to multiple friends and clients.  I have taken multiple courses in promoting the newest technologies to enhance your listing. As well as classes to help understand and perform the most accurate assessments of your house. I love being able to learn about the clients that I get to work with and the history/memories that they have made in the home.  It is fun to help provide a vision to potential properties/homes that clients look for when searching for their next home!  

The Owner/Broker is Andrew Quinn he is a registered forester originally from Michigan/Wisconsin.  He has been in Central Arkansas for the last 12 years and has spent time all over the state, working with timber companies as well as selling Real State.  He has extensive knowledge of the Central and Southern Arkansas. Andrew will provide the best experience for you and work to get you the most for your property!   He has a true passion for real estate and loves our East End community.  He currently volunteers as the Softball Commissioner and is a member of the East End Community Association Board. He assists with coaching our son’s baseball and football teams as well as helping with our daughter’s softball. We have lived in the community for the last 5 years, we seen a need in the area for real estate experts that have a true passion to help the community and advocate for the amazing people of the neighborhood. 

We often work together as a team on listings so that our clients receive the absolute best service possible.  It is so important to us that our clients feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience.  Most nights of the week you will even find our kids sitting at the kitchen table helping to stamp letters.  This is where our newest slogan “Trust our Family to Work for You” came from. 

United Country has been one of the top Real Estate Companies since 1925 and offers extensive training for all their Agents.  Not only do they partner with multiple third-party businesses such as land.com, Realtree, Ducks Unlimited, John Deere, Realtors Land Institute; they also have an in-house marketing agency, experts in 32 different Specialty groups such as wineries, ranches, or lake front properties. Due to these partnerships, there is significant exposure for our clients listings.  We can provide multiple tools and utilize many outlets that other realtors cannot afford. There are over 500 United Country Offices throughout the United States and all are interconnected making each listing easily accessible around the country. United Country also provides us with an extensive database of over 65,000 active clients looking for properties.  This is one amazing company. Let us be your path..